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We are committed to the best support possible as we know the importance of your time and information. We strive to make your experience with our product the best it can be. Please review the details on this page if you have any questions or are experiencing any problems using the software. Feel free to submit a support question using our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my serial #?
If you bought the download version, you should have gotten the serial # both on-screen and emailed to you immediately. Otherwise, you should see a sticker somewhere in the package with the serial # clearly disclosed.
How many activations are allowed for each serial # for the standalone software?
You can activate the same serial # three times, although you can copy the software to as many drives or other computers needed without re-activating it.
I purchased the download version but want to run the software from a flash drive.
All the files required to run the software as well as your data are stored in the one folder. It is completely self-contained, so move or copy that folder and its contents to any location or to another computer and it should run without issue.
What are the requirements for the software?
Our software runs on the following operating systems:
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
  • MacOS X 10.9.4 and later

Technical Issues

There are no known issues with version 4.07 as it has just been released - below are the issues reported in version 4.00 - 4.06.

Import of previous version data would create an error
If you have custom field data enter for your old assets and had more than 200 items in your database, you may experience a problem when performing an import into the new format. Version 4.02 also addresses the missing categorization, location, and insurance policies that did not transfer. Please download the latest version to resolve these issues.

Printing problems were sporadic
Some reports would not print correctly at times. HTML is now used to product more reliable printing options.

Fields were missing on the Binder Card
Some information on the Binder Card was not displayed correctly.

Images were distorted
Some images were distorted when displayed in the Asset Definition window as well as the enlarged view.

Saving of data was intermittent
Data was not always saved successfully when filters were used and new assets were entered.

Enlarged view of images
To provide the best view of the file that was attached to an asset, the software now loads the image in the default viewer on your computer.

Below are the known issues related to version 3.02:

None of the Output Options Work
Your default browser is used to display the reports within the software. Once generated, it should be automatically launched (if not already running) and the report displayed. If an error occurs, your browser will most likely show an error trying to load the report. In almost all cases, the program is being run from a folder that is read-only. The solution is to move the entire CaptureMyAssets folder to a location to which you have read/write access.  
The Date Range Reports Return Nothing
When entering the purchase date for items, please be sure to enter dates in DD/MM/YYYY format. For example, 6/5/2010.
Copy and paste functions
Even though there are no menus in the software, the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts (either CTRL/COMMAND C and V, as well as CTRL/SHFT INS and DEL) should function as expected.

Software Registration

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